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Canyon Fly Over July 7, 2012

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On most flights we are full to the gills. That’s 137 people, plus babies.  There are spills, refills, questions, stares, messes, more refills, mixed drinks, trash pickup, more trash pickup, nagging, laughing, and more. But on one particular day recently I was on a flight that was only half full. This translated to a whole back row just for me. Somewhere in the flight I got out my iphone and took some pictures. I know we were flying over the Grand Canyon – but can’t guarantee what the pictures are of. Enjoy somewhere over Arizona and Nevada.


On the way… August 19, 2011

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This begins my journey, my reinvention. This is my birthday weekend, beginning yet another year to mark on this storybook. Life is good, life is full, life is an ever winding trail never knowing what may be ahead.
So – for this new beginning it’s about fulfilling an old dream. A really cool ambition I had as a very young woman to be a stewardess. That’s how old this dream is – now I’m going to be a Flight Attendant. Well, I think I will be. The next little climb on the trail is training. I’m not officially a Flight Attendant – from now on referred to as FA – until I graduate class and get my wings.
I want to start now talking about this adventure in my life. My life as a FA. Wow. Here we go!

Crystal - home, all dressed up

The night before I found out I'd been selected.

Being chosen for the FA class is really a big deal. So many people apply and so few are chosen. I feel really blessed. And I’m not 21 like I was the last time I interviewed. I’m done raising my kids, and I’m bringing a lifetime of experience, years of nurturing people to this new prize.
Yes, when I was in my early 20’s I interviewed to be a Stewardess. I made it through three interviews and then wasn’t chosen. I’m going to find the old picture that was taken of me on interview day by my parents. The one thing that stands out on that day was the question – “Who would your dream guest be at a dinner party?” My answer – Mark Twain. I thought I was so cool, so literary.


Super Bowl Sunday February 6, 2011

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Honestly, football is not my thing. I’ve been trying. Trying to like it, trying to understand it, trying to get excited about it. But it’s just not doing anything for me. But today is the Superbowl. I do know that the Pittsburg Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are playing. I know that I should either wear green, or black & gold to the SuperBowl party we are going to. My sister is in town for the Superbowl. She won two tickets and the whole package with hotel, shuttle, parties, etc… I would be happy with just a jersey. My friend, Niki, is a Steeler fan like none I’ve seen before. She’s nutso. Her whole house is decorated Steelers. We are headed to her house tonight for the big party. It should be fun. Lots of food and friends – and I guess I should be prepared for yelling.
Me? I’ll be watching all the commercials and the half time music with Black Eyed Peas. Right now Keith Urban is playing in the tail gate tent. I bet my sis is finding her way there. She has a lot of VIP priviledges with her tickets. You go girl. I’m posting a couple of pictures of our beautiful weather this week that threatened to put a real damper on things.


Time management September 9, 2010

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I know intellectually that we all live within the same 24/7. What I can’t seem to grasp is why I don’t seem to have as many hours as I need and as many as it seems some people must use. How do they do it? They, being the artists, writers, creators that still have a clean house and well kept kids.
There is that great time management exercise that has the jar with potatoes symbolizing the most important, beans symbolizing stuff we have to do, then though full, the jar still holds rice- the little things of life, then it still holds water.
My family, friends, faith are what I’d want if there were nothing else. Potatoes. My work, my home and housekeeping, (homemaking really) food, bill-paying and bookkeeping communication. Beans. Next is all the want tos of my life. Travel, entertainment, socializing, church, exercise, creating (quilting, sewing, painting, writing, photography, cooking, art), reading, etc… I guess that’s the rice. As for the water that can be poured in and penetrate all throughout the jar, these are the things of life that fall into each day, each hour, that we haven’t planned in our day.
What I know, to enhance the quality of my life, I must plan the important things so the unplanned, unexpected, doesn’t take over and crowd out the important. And for the discipline of not getting sucked in by the unplanned like Internet surfing and shopping, like reality tv, like oversleeping.
Well, thought for today. I love the concept of blogging. I want to write to express things that I don’t even make time to feel. To me, writing is so much of who I am. There is a sense of completion I have when writing. I hope to plan blogging time. Maybe a blogging day each week
Today I’m writing on my iPhone from the hospital where Alan has just had knee surgery. Go figure.


Canton, Texas First Monday Trade Days – my kindof weekend April 13, 2010

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Easter weekend we met some friends from Houston in Canton, Texas. From around these parts when you say Canton, folks pretty much know you mean shopping.

Canton is a small town in East Texas who’s population grows by 10,000 or more on the First Monday weekend of each month. It reminds me of the small ports in Alaska where our cruise ships would stop. The regular town people all living a quiet Alaskan life, then boom, 10,000 – 13,000 people disembark a ship and invade their tiny towns with their tourist’s dollars and high and mighty cityfolk attitudes.

There is a type of Canton attendee you can spot a mile away. We witnessed a whole herd of them coming into the Mexican restaurant we had dinner in. They were wearing their ‘Canton Uniform’: Highlighted hair; ball cap with bling spelling “Princess” or “Diva” in sequins, ponytail pulled through the back of the cap; camo pants with bling, like rhinestones down the sides and an iron-on “flour d’ lis” on the back pockets, cropped of course; Yellow Box flip-flops – the $75 flops with designers straps and yes, more bling. And the required spaghetti strapped top or camisole no matter how large or small the wearer might be that this season seems to sport Ed Hardy with a heart and skull and crossbones. Add to this the occasional yorkie or chihuahua in a leopard print stroller and the extra-large tote bag or fancy handmade satchel made with tons of upholstery fabric, trim and antique buttons; and you have your quintessential ‘Dallasite gone shopping at Canton’ look. Please know though that these represent only a portion of the people you might run into at Canton.

People come from all around and all walks of life to peruse the canton tables, booths and arbors. Many with almost toothless grins carrying around a spit can for their Skoal discards. Their jeans are tucked into the cowboys boots, but just the inside seams mind you, and there is the well worn, well bent straw cowboy hat. And that’s the girls. There are the biker types with the small camisoles with the skinny black jeans and Chuck Tyler Converse with tatoos on their backs, chests and arms – again, the girls. There are the tight t-shirt and cut off sweatpant with dime store thongs (flip flops for you millenials) – these both are too tight for the body they have been fitted to – and I’m talking the girls. There are old folks, cute grannies, young kids and babies, rich and poor, gay and straight, many ethnicities, big people, small people, local Canton people and people who’ve come from all around. There are Mennonites in bonnets, Baptist handing out tracts and I even saw an Amish man in full form with suspenderred pants, straw hat, and long beard. There were also dogs everywhere – mostly in their strollers or the special shopping carts just for Canton that shoppers can purchase there at the Arbors. All of these people from far and near here to catch a bargain – or sell one.

Yes, those that sell are a breed of their own. There are the back lot sellers, the antique sellers, and Trade building vendors and the Arbor tenants. There is Trade Building I, II, & III, Arbor I, II, III, IV, & V. These are listed in the order of the rent they pay, which reflects the prices they charge. And no commentary about Canton would be complete without a commentary on the food. I personnally thing this would be the way to go as a retirement income. To be a Canton food vendor. I think I’d want the Lemonade trailer. The lemonade is the best. About $4 bucks will buy a plastic container of ½ water to ½ sugar with some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Yummy! Then there are the corndogs and mustard, sausage on a stick (which happened to be next to the swine seller), turkey legs, stuffed shrimp, crepes, funnel cakes and the customery hot dogs and hamburgers. Eating at Canton is heaven.

I’ve posted a few pictures of some of the things I like about Canton. I opted not to post too many pictures of the people I photographed. It would just be rude. Please double-click on the photos for the full effect.

PS: Just learning to post pictures and it’s interesting. Click on the picture for more information about it.


Diversity of Activity April 5, 2010

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As I was thinking about how diverse and multi-faceted my week has been, I realize that it’s nothing new. Most of my life, and weeks, and days are like this. My daughter commented that to look at my calendar from day to day, one would never be able to piece together that it belonged to one person. This is not so much due to the amount of things I manage to schedule (get myself into is what my husband calls it), but rather that they are so different that a lone person could not have so many different interests.
Oh, but I do.

This week began with church which is something I wish we were more regular at. I had years and years we never missed church. We would go to Sunday morning services, then Sunday night classes, and then a Wednesday night program. And because I worked at the church, or at other times was serving in some ministry, I would find myself at this meeting or that event all throughout the week. But now, we try to go most Sundays, managing to hit about half.
My son’s friend, a girl, joined us for services, then we all went to eat Italian.
Later that afternoon we all went to my grandson’s fourth birthday party. It took place outdoors at the home of my daughter’s in-laws. It was nice outside and pleasant to sit outside, play with the kids, and eat some good food and cake with ice cream.

On Monday evening my husband and I went to a Maverick’s game. I had won platinum tickets in a raffle at work so we had exceptional parking and awesome seats. The game was fabulous with the Mavericks winning. I don’t usually get that into sports of any kind, but I seem to be turning a corner.
Tuesday I co-hosted a baby shower. Lovely event. Then Tuesday night I spoke at a NAMI meeting. National Alliance on Mental Illness. I spoke for 45 minutes and then took questions. It was interesting and brought up several points in my own life. I’ve been around Mental Illness most of my life and have many experiences to pull from to speak on. Most of the attendees and members of NAMI have family members, be it a spouse or a child or even a parent that has a mental illness such as Bi-Polar Disorder and even Schizophrenia.
Wednesday morning I met some girlfriends for breakfast at a Fabulous Pancake house in the city. There were nine of us and we are members of a knitting group. We were meeting for one of the girl’s birthdays. Ok, I admit, I don’t knit. I was the only one there that doesn’t knit. But they have been kind and continue to invite me and embrace me as one of their own because I believe that deep inside I am a knitter. Another dilution.
Wednesday evening, we again went to celebrate my grandson’s fourth birthday. This time with a very casual new Italian restaurant I had wanted to try. It was pretty good. Had a gigantic New York pizza my Basscatcher ordered for himself. It was fun. Little Merik goes around now saying he’s big. He’s four.
And throughout the week, we must keep up with our beloved addiction, American Idol. I sooo enjoy Idol season.
Thursday – like a Friday. Slow at work. Laundry at home. We will be traveling on a road trip this weekend through East Texas. Tonight I will prepare for this. My next blog will be about the biggest ever Flea Market – Canton, First Monday.


Saturdays in Spring March 27, 2010

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My boys like to fish. I married a fisherman. I knew it then, and embrace it now. Many years on Friday night I’d pout and fight and generally make misery for all. Then one day I woke up and thought – you fool! Saturdays to myself are one of the best treats in life.
Ok, so there were a few years that it was me and the kids on Saturdays – by ourselves. This wasn’t fun. Back in those days I’d worked a long week and spent Saturdays doing laundry, shopping, cleaning and cooking. When my Basscatcher was fishing, I felt deserted, taken for granted and lonely. I didn’t get married to spend weekends alone.
Even as I write this I think of all my friends in situations in which they find themselves alone due to circumstances beyond their own control, and I must sound extremely spoiled and whiny.
Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful Spring day in North Texas, and my men have left for the day.
Yeehaw – coffee, loud music, magazines, nail polishing, cookie eating, singing and dancing, and maybe a little crafting. These are the things I can do when no one is watching. And yes, I will always find a way to fit in a little shopping. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.